“Lost.  I am completely and totally lost.  I don’t know what to do.  I don’t have anyone to call – hell, I don’t have any way to call even if there was someone, which there isn’t.  I am all alone.  Fuck.” She paced back and forth as she muttered to herself, not caring or noticing how she was being received by those around her.  She didn’t know anyone here, so the opinions of those of low-intelligence didn’t trigger her awareness.  All she was focused on was solving the puzzle of how to get back to her home, in her when, as soon as possible.

She stopped and took stock of her surroundings, focusing on the things more than the people.  Even the structures in this when were primitive.  She had a hard time even imagining that there could be something helpful or useful now. The height of the structures was overwhelmingly unnecessary.  It was clear that they were erected before Knowledge had been harnessed. The waste was offensive to her eye.  She had always thought the history texts were exaggerating for the impact of it all and had been surprised at how realistic those old images had been.

In her now, the most important structures were always the closest to the ground so as to absorb the energy provided by Mother Earth.  In this now, it appeared that height was linked to power, no matter how ridiculous that notion might have been.  If height = power, she needed to find her way to the tallest building if she was going to have any hope of returning to her when.

The pause had helped, and she had identified the highest of all the structures surrounding her.

She grabbed the backpack and, at the same time, opened the door.  The smell hit her first. “UGH!” escaped her lips before anything could happen with the backpack.  These people in this when – they liked their aromas.  She managed her reaction well enough.  Well enough for the job she’d come to do.



* All 30-minute musings are fiction.  Any resemblance to people or events is strictly coincidental. *

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