The Power of Underpants

The Power of Underpants (500Words, Round 3, Day 5)


She shifted under the sheets, becoming aware of their warmth and her husband’s voice at the same time. It was too early to be awake. It was too early for him to be on the phone. She felt her brain starting to work up into a frenzy. Who was calling this early? Where were their kids? What was wrong?

“Have you tried sexy underpants?”

She flipped herself over, staying under the covers, to give her husband a look. He held up a hand and mouthed “sorry” before sitting himself up in bed to continue the conversation.

“Look, the ball is in your court. Where do you want to go from here?”

Without talking, she asked her husband who was on the phone. After having been married for a quarter of a century they didn’t always need words to communicate. With a glance, he told her it was Aaron, and she smiled. This was going to be a long conversation.

She left the cozy bed and started her day. It wasn’t her place to hear the whole conversation. Jason would fill her in on the key points later, and coffee was something they would both need with this early start. She shrugged herself into her pajamas and padded off into the kitchen.


“I’m just saying – if you want her to know that you want her to want you, get the damn underpants.”

“It will cost you like ten bucks, Aaron, and you’ll get at least two pairs.”

“Whatever color you want. Or go with her favorite color. It doesn’t really matter – what matters is that you’ll have done something.”

“Gay? Seriously? All men can work to look good, Aaron. You could learn some things from Max. Maybe have him take you shopping.”

“You wear the underpants, then you tell her you’re wearing the underpants. She thinks about you and your underpants all day. What’s not to understand?”

“Dude – what else do you want me to call them?”

“You, me, and Max – we’ll all go shopping together. We can go tonight after work if you want.”


She went back into the bedroom with a mug of coffee in each hand. Jason was done on the phone and was lying in bed with one arm flung over his eyes.

“All the world’s problems solved with a pair of sexy underpants?” She smiled as she held out his coffee.

“They could have been if Aaron was less obtuse.” Jason propped himself up to accept the warm beverage.

Holding her mug steady in both hands, Cece climbed onto the bed and knelt on top of Jason’s legs. “So you like your sexy underpants, huh?”

Jason shifted under her weight a bit and sat up more so he could wrap one arm around her. “I like that you like them, so yes.” He leaned forward and kissed her collarbone before dropping back and sipping his coffee. “Aaron seems flummoxed by the idea that women can be just as visually stimulated as men.”


* This is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to people or events is strictly coincidental. *


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