“I have earned it!”, she shouted into the phone with the biggest smile she’d ever felt on her face.  She didn’t care that she was standing outside, and that there were people she didn’t know going about their business.  The stares and behind the hands giggles were just another part of the win.  She made eye contact with an older gentleman walking past and saw him smile in spite of himself.  Her success must be contagious – that thought made her giggle.

“No, no – just entertaining myself over here.  I might be shouting into the wind on a busy street corner, and that might be having an impact on the people around me.”  That thought brought its own giggle, and seemed to trigger her feet to start walking again.  Even as she resumed her commute she kept her phone to her ear so she could continue the conversation.

“I am totally stoked!  So stoked I’m dropping back into the 80’s, apparently.  I imagine I’m going to be something of a challenging dinner guest tonight.  Do you think I should cancel?”  The giggling stopped her in her tracks again.  She dropped down into a deep squat, held onto her knees with her free arm, and tried to stop laughing.

“I mean,” she let escape between giggles, “can you imagine that phone call?  What would he do?”  The giggles took hold and she let them have her for a moment.  When she caught her breath, she added, “If I didn’t want to see his face when he heard, hearing him sputter over the phone would be awesome.”

“I know, I know.  And I’ll behave – I promise.  I get this moment, though, and all the moments between now and when I ring that doorbell.” She stood up and shook each leg a bit to get the blood flowing again before she turned the corner.  Getting the news had come as a surprise today, and she was having a lot of fun with the feelings that kept washing over her.

“When will you get there?  I want you to get to see him get the news so I need to time my arrival appropriately.  I’ve earned the price and we’ve both earned this moment, you know?  And, in all seriousness, I don’t know that I could have done this without you.  I want you there with me to either bask in the glow or to hold me back if he responds like an ass.   Sadly, both are equally likely and I’m really hoping he does the right thing.  I’m ready for him to make choices I don’t agree with, I just want him to choose the right thing.” She slowed down with that thought.  It took her a moment to realize she’d slowed down.  “He has to choose the right thing, right?”

“Ok.  Ok.  You’re right.  I need to stay in the here and now instead of getting lost in what-ifs.  I really do know – I promise I’m listening.”  She had come to a complete stop now and had resumed her people watching.  Her outwardly noticeable excitement had dwindled so she wasn’t pulling the same kind of attention as she’s gotten before, which was ok with her.

“Right.  Onward.  I’m pretty close to home and all I need to do is change my clothes and I’ll be ready.  Maybe we should go together?  That way you’ll be sure not to miss anything.” Her front door appeared in front of her sooner than she expected, having been distracted by her success and the conversation.  She paused to dig around in her purse to find her keys.

“Yes…wait – let me get inside.”

She dropped her keys on the hall table and continued on to the bedroom.  She paused to look in the mirror that sat on top of her dresser.  She really looked at her expression.  She saw the similarities between her face and her parents, and she saw a lot of things unique to her.

“I’m here, just got distracted.  I think I need to go to get ready.  Thanks for shouting with me earlier, and for coming to dinner tonight.  Soon all these pieces will be out of the way and we can just celebrate!”

* All 30-minute musings are fiction.  Any resemblance to people or events is strictly coincidental. *

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