Simplicity (500Words, Round 3, Day 6, 2/19/18)

I need help. Now. No, right now – I need help. From you. And him. And her. I need help from everyone who will take the time to notice me and offer it. Offer their energy and time and resources. It doesn’t matter if they’re doing it selflessly or as an attempt to look better to others. Help, once it’s given, doesn’t care about motivations. Once it’s given, help belongs to the helped instead of the helper.

You have it. A whole stockpile of it. You’re walking around, carting around all the help anyone could ever need. It’s up to you to dole it out. You get to choose who gets it and how much of it. That’s all on you. And on him. And on her. All the helpers are in control. The power is in their – your – hands. Me? I have no power in this equation.

I am needy. I am in need. I need to sing and dance and get you to notice me. To choose me. To decide that the help you’re going to give out today should come to me. What will it take? What do you need from me? How do I convince you that it is me who you should choose to help today? How do I get you to give me all the help I need from your wealthy cache? How do I get you to tell him to do the same? And her?

It has to matter to you. I have to matter to you. It doesn’t matter how well I sing and dance and entertain. You have to care. You have to care about me, even for just a moment. If you care, you’ll help. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve seen help go to people who probably don’t deserve it just because the helper cared. They can care about the who or the what or the who’s looking. Caring is the ticket.

So, what do you care about? What is important enough to you to get you to part with what you have? You have so much – you have more than enough. You know that, and it makes you feel guilty. I can see it. I can feel it. I know that you’ll get a break from those feelings if you help me. When you help me. Will you help me?

I need. It really is that simple. I need. You need. He needs. So does she. There is so much need floating around. It’s what connects us. It connects us – you to me. Me to him. Him to her. And back to you again. Need is what makes things happen. Always. Forever.

I need help. From you. Forget about him and her. I need you to help me. I need you to want to feel the good feelings that only come from helping, and I need you to want those feelings so strongly that, really, all you can do in this moment, is help me. It really is that simple.

*This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons real or imagined is unintentional

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