Silent Trees

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? If a writer collects words on the page and no one is there to read them, are they still an author?

Week 2 of my 3rd round of the 500Words Short Story project is coming to a close and I’m feeling the silence. My motivation for this project is twofold –

1 – Use daily practice and outside input to develop strong short-story prowess so I can create short stories suitable for submission to magazines for publication and,

2 – Develop a “following” and an “online presence” to make myself more appealing to potential publishers.

Both 1 and 2 are intended to make it so I can get my first novel published. That is the end game. That is the ultimate goal (though not my Big Goal – that stays secret). I know short stories are not novels (or even short novels). I also know that writing credits of some kind are better than none.

So, I guess the real question is…

If a novel is written and no one gets to read it, does it still exist?

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