Shrinking the Space

The 500 Words Short Story Project is up and running again, this time with other writers playing along, and I’m giving myself a personal challenge to stay in the realistic fiction lane this month. The first round of blurts flowed easily enough, thankfully, so there are more challenges ahead.

Dipping into science fiction/fantasy or simply the fantastical opens up a lot of possibilities as a pantser. I can turn corners, create new world elements, and stretch the capabilities of my characters to make the stories more interesting. Shrinking the space (tip #25), or putting up limits around the thing you’re working on getting better at, is one of the suggestions from The Little Book of Talent. Staying in the box of realistic fiction is forcing me to dig deeper into thoughts, feelings, motivations, and natural elements of life. It’s an interesting shift after spending the last Nanowrimo working on a story that follows characters who talk with trees.

Where these blurts will lead and which one will win the honor of being finished as a true short story is anybody’s guess. For now, I’m just holding on for the ride.

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