Shabbat Musings

I unplug for Shabbat (no internet, no phone, no computer) every week. It’s become something I look forward to as the week plugs along, and a big part of that is the deeper conversations I end up having since my phone is tucked away, silent. This Shabbat, the conversations between my husband and me turned to writing.

Do you have a “significant other” in your life? Have you experienced the joy that is talking about a shared craft or passion? It is divine.

We both participated in Nanowrimo this past year (my 2nd, his 1st) and I’m in the process of reading the collection of short stories he wrote, so some of our conversations were about that – sharing feedback and learning about his inspiration sources and the like. We also talked about how to go about getting better at this thing called writing, and our different processes for taking an idea and getting it down on the page, and how our reading of other people’s works has changed since writing, and about the parallels to other creative outlets, and about ourselves.

It was wonderful. As the 25-hour break came to a close, all I wanted to do was to get to the computer and document the experience. Writing (and sharing) is a powerful connector.


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