Party Animals

Party Animals (February 2019, Round 3, Day 3)

The bass thumped through the door and made sure she didn’t feel like she’d fully escaped.

“Deciding to come to this party was not my wisest decision.” Kelly checked her watch. “How the hell have we only been here for half an hour?”

Keisha leaned against the sink making faces in the mirror. “Give it a rest, ok? We’re here – why can’t you just relax and ‘let the music move you’ tonight?” 

Kelly stuck her tongue out at her sister’s air quotes. “It’s not my scene.”

“Yeah, well, it is tonight. You promised.”

Kelly dragged herself over to the mirrors. “A promise is a promise no matter what.”

“And you’re the sister with the bigger butt.”

“Not smart, Keisha. You’re the one who needs me – don’t bite the hand that has the power.”

Keisha wrapped her sister up in an overdone hug and planted a heavy kiss on her cheek. “And you’re the sister with the better butt?”

Kelly was wriggling out of Keisha’s arms when a blast of music filled the bathroom. 

“Woah – didn’t mean to interrupt anyth- Kelly?”

Pushing Keisha’s arms off of her and swiping at the lipstick on her cheek, Kelly said “Hi, Annabelle.” 

Silence, except for the muffled bass, filled the room. Kelly held her chin high and faced Anabelle. “You’ve met Keisha. My sister?”

“Oh. Yeah. I always forget you two are related.”

“What’s that now?” Keisha planted her hands on her hips.

“It’s just,” Annabell swept her long hair over her shoulder, looking Keisha up and down. “I mean, it’s not like you two LOOK like sisters or anything.”

Kelly grabbed a hold of Keisha’s arm and shushed her with a look as Annabelle closed and locked the door to her stall. It took everything Kelly had to get her sister out of the bathroom and back into the fray of the party.

“She’s not worth it, Keisha. But can you understand why this is NOT my scene?”

“I’m not letting one bitch ruin this party for me. Or for you – come on.”

Kelly let her sister drag her out onto the dance floor. Dancing was better than getting into a bathroom brawl. As they moved to the music, Kelly scanned the room checking for other undesirables. 

“GO FIND HIM SO WE CAN GET OUT OF HERE!” Kelly kept a smile on her face while she shouted at Keisha. It was loud enough that even screaming directly into her ear might not result in being heard.

Keisha danced away with a wave and a butt shake. Kelly was stuck. The bathroom wouldn’t be safe yet – Annabelle would probably be in there for twenty minutes primping and preening. Outside was off limits since they didn’t want to draw attention to the party, though how anyone could miss it with the music this loud baffled Karen. Hoping for the best, she turned to head over to the stairwell she’d spotted when they arrived. She got three steps off the dance floor when she bumped into someone she wanted to see even less than Annabelle.

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