October = Fresh Start

I made a commitment on Twitter last week (yes, I’m working on accepting Twitter into my life – follow me if you’d like) that will shape my October. I committed to doing 3 things daily: Read, Write, and Edit.

It’s the morning of 10/3 and I’m still on track. 🙂

I’ll be blogging my way through the month as well (not daily) and have high hopes for a productive month. Part of this is to get me back in the swing of daily writing before Nanowrimo kicks off 11/1. Part of this is to get me back on track for having Gretchen published by the end of the year (stretch goal for sure). Part of this is about making and taking time for the things that I know help me on a mental health level.

On a quantitative level, I hope to have the following completed by 10/31:

Final(ish) edit of Gretchen
5 books read
31-document Scrivener file

What are YOU working on this month?

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