Goals and Practice Plans

After finishing the 2nd week of the story-start project I’m really starting to enjoy the exercise. These little starts are so low-risk at only 500 words! I’m finding them really helpful at stretching and exploring the edges of what I might want to write, and I’m looking forward to the external input in choosing the ones that get to have more words. I’m also aware of the fact that this project is forcing me to be more public with my writing – a good lesson to learn as I go about the work needed to publish my novel.

As we slide into 2018, I’ve re-set my goal of publishing Gretchen (#progress – it has a title now). I am also committing to working the 500Words project for at least two months (so two finished short stories) even though it’s not an “official” goal.  Having a practice plan and a bigger goal are both ways in which I motivate myself and keep myself flexing the muscles I want to grow and define.

If you have writing goals for 2018 share them here and we can keep each other accountable!

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