This past week was a rough one in my “real life” and that showed up in my writing. Interestingly, none of the story-starts this week had anything to do with what was actually happening. The weight of things was definitely reflected in the story-starts. As a result, I created five dark pieces.

Dark isn’t a bad thing, and conflict needs to exist for there to be something to push the story forward. I still find it interesting that I wasn’t trying to infuse my writing with darkness this week. Even a little story-start about a snowflake took an ominous turn.

All of these 500Words pieces are created on the fly with whatever is in my head at the moment I find myself with the time to write. I am looking forward to seeing what my brain comes up with as an add-on to whichever start wins the vote. I wonder – will the darkness continue, or might the story take another unexpected turn towards the light?


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