Alice (October 2019, Week 2, Day 3)

Alice was what some would call a free spirit. Yes, that feeling you just got – that tickle where your ears meet your head that feels a little like understanding with a film of judgement? Put that away for a moment. Get to know Alice, and Treston, and see where your feelings land you.


Her purple shoes were the first thing Treston saw when he opened his eyes the first time. The shoes were, in that moment, his everything. They eclipsed the fact that he was lying on pavement. They overrode the throbbing in his head. They blocked out the concerned muttering around him. The purple shoes were all he could focus on, and they were fabulous. 

“Are you alive?”

Treston heard the question and wanted to answer. Responses like, “of course,” and “why do you ask,” and “will you marry me,” formed in his mind. None of them made it out of his mouth, however. 

Her neon green socks, emerging from the beloved purple shoes were his everything the second time he opened his eyes. He had a vague awareness of the stretcher beneath him, and of the rain around him, and of the sirens above him. Nothing was as real to him as the socks and shoes.

Her white tights covered with pictures of crayons of every color were his everything the third time he opened his eyes. He missed the purple shoes and the neon green socks. He hoped they were still there, somewhere. The tights were comforting, though, and seemed to go with the jostling, beeping, and radio noises that were attempting to tell him something. Something important.


Silence fell as Alice crossed the threshold. She surveyed the room, noting those who had gaping mouths and those who were clutching their non-proverbial pearls. Treston raised his hand and gave her the tiniest of waves. Alice waved back and let a smile slowly take over her beautiful face before wading into the sea of judgement. 

He had warned her. He had told her what they were all used to, what they were expecting. She could have gone the safe route, or could have stayed home, but where was the joy in that?

Treston flushed as Alice threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. His body responded even while his brain was whirling, his arms wrapping around her and his mouth giving and receiving the kiss. She was here. With him.

“You came.” Treston’s lips barely moved as he worked to keep his words just for her despite the obvious hunger of those around them.

“I did.” Alice responded at her normal volume. “I’m eager to meet your parents.”

The red of Treston’s cheeks and neck deepened. “Maybe a drink first?”

Alice smiled and wrapped herself around his arm. “Lead the way. Parents or wine – either will make me happy. Both will make me ecstatic.”

Conversation in the room resumed with only a slightly manic edge as everyone worked hard to keep an eye on the pair and look like they didn’t notice the presence of someone as different as Alice.

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